Thursday, September 22, 2011

Badal slams Centre for making mockery of poor

Punjab Chief Minister Parkash
Singh Badal today said he was shocked to learn that in the
eyes of the Centre a person earning Rs 25 in villages and Rs
32 in urban areas was rich.
"This is the most cruel joke ever played on the poor in
this country and amounts to rubbing salt into their wounds. It
is beyond anyone's understanding as to how a government can
base its policies on such weird presumptions," he said.
"By these standards India has suddenly been transformed
into a land of the rich. Is this the UPA's way of removing
poverty in the country? the Chief Minister posed.
Badal said that the spiralling prices of essential
commodities had not only broken the back of the already
suffering common man but had also unleashed new inflationary
trends which in turn would further slow down the growth rate.

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